Philanthropy Forest Inc. was born to entwine the industry and the HCPS together in a positive way to bring about change.  “Really, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3”, Hall shares.

Step 1.  JOIN NOW – Pharmaceutical Companies purchase corporate memberships each year, tiers are based on company size. 80% of that donation goes to fund plantings in the National Forests right off the bat while 20% goes back into marketing to more Pharmaceutical Companies.

Step 2.  HCP ENGAGEMENT & GRATITUDE CERTITICATE – HCPs that attend speaker programs, advisory boards, conferences and lunches get a gratitude certificate bought additionally throughout the year membership by that corporation (<$10 per person to avoid the Sunshine Act reporting mandate).  Electronic emails from Philanthropy Forest available for pharma use (sample thank you HCP email available HERE) as another valued touch point with HCPs.  Pharma is happy the HCPs attend the program and learn about the latest company innovations.  The HCPs are happy to learn but also to combat the climate change through pharma.

Step 3.  GROW GREENER – Grow with this idea of giving back company wide, swap out sales meeting swag or reward points with the option to fund tree plantings.  Philanthropy Forest will report business memberships to the existing ESG rating agencies (like Sustainalytics and MCSI) in hopes to incorporate carbon offset efforts into rating methodologies in the future.  Share company logos on each other’s website to show involvement, re-enroll annually, fund planting throughout the year and demonstrate environmental commitment!